Coding challenge

Show us your coding skills creating an awesome YepCode process that solves some interesting problems and win a great prize!

The contest is open until July 31th, 2022.

How to participate

Create your YepCode account

It’s completely FREE, and the Onboarding Tour will help you to get started:

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Implement your process

Solve a problem that may be useful and can have a real application in some environment.

You should use some of our integrations to interact with other services and APIs. Your full solution may include some other external components (i.e. a landing page or form builder to call YepCode using a webhook).

Other interesting option is to create a process that is called from other SaaS using a webhook (i.e. implement some missing feature in Zapier and call a YepCode from there).

Spread it to the world

Share your process public link or record a small video talking about your process benefits. Publish it on your social media will be valued.

Tag us and use this hashtag: #UsingYepCode

We are on LinkedIn and Twitter but you can publish it wherever you want.

Submit your process

Once you finish your implementation, fill out our form with your data (adding your public link to the process) and that’s it, you’re in!

There is no limit on the amount of submissions that each entrant may send. If you have several ideas, increase your options implementing them!

It can be useful

Read our docs​

Check our docs where you can find all the information to get the most out of the platform.

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Join our Discord community​

We'll be there delighted to help you. The channel #coding-challenge is the best way to ask your questions.

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Check our blog

Get some ideas about how YepCode is being used, The more creative you are, the better score you'll get.

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Keypoints to evaluate

0-10 points
Creativity and knowing how to make the most of the features that YepCode includes
0-5 points
Quality in the Implementation (especially important the Clean Code)
0-5 points
The value provided to end users. How much time they afford using this solution?
0-3 points
The size of the target audience
0-3 points
The dissemination that the user makes on social media about their candidacy (the most posts, the better)



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& 6 months STARTER subscription

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