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Kafka provides a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds. Kafka can connect to external systems (for data import/export)

Network Connection needs

This integration needs network access to the server where the service is running.

See the Network access page for details about how to achieve that.

Credential configuration

To configure this credential you need a Client ID, one or more Brokers hosts and username and password if needed for auth.

Optionally you can set any of the extra config params you can see here.

Here you have an example of a filled credential configuration form in YepCode:

KafkaJS snippets available in editor


The title is the triggering text for YepCode to autocomplete the script


New integration from credential
const kafka = yepcode.integration.kafkajs('credential-slug')
New integration from plain authentication data
const { Kafka } = require('kafkajs')

const kafka = new Kafka({
clientId: 'my-app',
brokers: ['kafka1:9092', 'kafka2:9092'],
ssl: true,
sasl: {
mechanism: 'plain',
username: 'my-username',
password: 'my-password'


const producer = kafka.producer()

await producer.connect()
await producer.send({
topic: 'test-topic',
messages: [
{ value: 'Hello KafkaJS user!' },

await producer.disconnect()


const consumer = kafka.consumer({ groupId: 'test-group' })

await consumer.connect()
await consumer.subscribe({ topic: 'test-topic', fromBeginning: true })

eachMessage: async ({ topic, partition, message }) => {
value: message.value.toString(),