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How Docuten has extended their Saas features using YepCode

Docuten is a leader in administrative processes digitalization, transforming clients into "paperless companies”.

They achieve that by digitally converting any administrative processes through digital signature, electronic invoicing and payments. By relying on Docuten as their sole provider, companies can reduce costs by 50%. In addition, they can perform this deployment 2.5 times faster than working with several different providers.

Docuten has recently started to use YepCode. Their main goal is to validate some new functionalities before including them in their core Saas product.

Here is a good example of how they are doing this. There is a YepCode process that allows Docuten to offer their clients to receive invoices in several electronic invoice formats that are not yet in their core product.

Their platform works mainly with factura-e invoice format. And they may place the generated invoices in an FTP server.

The created YepCode process opens a connection to that FTP server, looking for some newly generated invoices. This connection is possible thanks to the use of our SFTP integration. If any new invoices appear on the server, they are converted to another invoice format using an XML parser. After that, the new documents are uploaded again to the FTP server.

With this simple process, Docuten is able to offer several electronic invoice formats to their clients. These formats may be extended by publishing new versions of the YepCode process. Additionally, this process hasn't modified their core product at all.

In conclusion, we believe that using YepCode with this strategy can help many Saas companies to validate new features. As a result, they will be able to improve their core business with minimal effort.

Book a demo if you think that YepCode may help you and we'll be happy to guide you to get the most out of it.

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