Dynamic Landing Pages at Scale

Managing unique landing pages for every campaign shouldn't be a hassle. With YepCode Landings, create customizable HTML layouts with replaceable tokens. Generate countless variations effortlessly. Say hello to seamless, scalable landing page creation!

Use cases

Design your landing page template and generate individualized instances by providing specific information for each landing:

  • Rapidly deploy tailored landing pages for multiple campaigns with minimal effort.
  • Craft acquisition campaigns by seamlessly integrating YepCode Landings with YepCode Forms and Automations.
  • Streamline marketing operations by automating the creation of landing pages reading information from your ERP.
  • Increase conversion rates by delivering highly relevant landing pages to each target segment.
  • Maximize ROI by efficiently managing and iterating on landing page designs for different marketing initiatives.

Landing features

Create your HTML layouts with replaceable tokens

We use Mustache syntax to allow any content replacement.

Use your own web domains

We support CNAME configurations to serve landings from your own domain.

Upload any image or file inside your template

YepCode landings provide a file storage with network cache over the world.

Seamlessly integration with YepCode Forms

Acquire information from your visitors in each landing page.

Create landings from any kind of feed

Use YepCode processes to create landings by reading CSV, Excel files, or directly fetching information from any database or API.

Create landings your way

Provide your HTML content with the tokens in Mustache syntax, define your tokens using a JSON Schema, and just provide the information and path where to serve your landing.

Say "yep" to code and improve your software development experience