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Manage Multiple Teams Seamlessly with the Enhanced YepCode CLI

Hello Developers! At YepCode, we're always looking for ways to make your life easier, and we're excited to announce a powerful upgrade to our YepCode CLI (Command Line Interface). This new update takes the capabilities of our CLI a step further, allowing you to manage multiple YepCode teams for staging, development or production environments with incredible ease. Let's see how this enhancement can streamline your workflow and increase collaboration across your projects.

Unleash the Power of the YepCode CLI

In previous video tutorials we have shown you the capabilities of the YepCode CLI and how it can revolutionize your development process. Imagine being able to design and execute processes locally and then, with just a few clicks, upload them to the YepCode cloud for scheduling, webhook triggering, and thorough auditing. All while staying in your familiar local environment.

The YepCode CLI is an NPM package that's easy to install and use. While you'll need a YepCode account to unlock its full potential, the CLI is openly available, and you can find the full command syntax on the NPM website.

Multi-Team Management: Collaboration Made Simple

Here's where things get exciting: the enhanced YepCode CLI now allows you to manage multiple YepCode teams. Whether you're working on a development team, a staging team, or a production team with restricted access, the CLI allows you to seamlessly synchronize your work across these different teams.

Our in-depth video tutorial shows you how to clone teams, manage processes and their versions locally, and easily push changes to the cloud. We also show you how to handle conflicts and maintain version control to keep your development process smooth and organized.

Supercharge Your Workflow with CI/CD Integration

But that's not all , the you can integrate YepCode CLI  with popular CI/CD pipelines like GitHub Actions or Bitbucket Pipelines, allowing you to automate deployment between your YepCode teams and ensure a smooth, efficient development process.

Security, Collaboration, and Efficiency: The Winning Trio

YepCode CLI empowers you on multiple fronts. Improved security is one of its key benefits, allowing you to restrict access to production environments while allowing free development in staging or development teams. Collaboration is also an essential asset, encouraging seamless teamwork across different teams. And finally, efficiency takes center stage with optimized workflows: a developer's dream!

So if you're ready to take your development workflow to the next level, be sure to check out our latest video-tutorial where we reveal the main uses of multi-team management in our YepCode CLI.

Happy coding!

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