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Solve common problems and connect your services and APIs even faster with YepCode recipes

Today we are going to discover a new piece of the YepCode universe. We are talking about our YepCode recipes.

These recipes are templates made up of pre-built code snippets used in many popular scenarios that will allow you to start implementing a process in an agile and easy way, instead of facing an empty source code editor.

Basically, we have a YepCode recipes gallery with many templates to build your integrations with thousands of apps and you can adapt them to your needs.

You can browse our platform to find the best recipe to connect your favorite apps and improve your workflows. There are recipes for building your ETLs, pushing information from your database to any API, automating reports generation, fetching info from your e-commerce database, syncing your CRM with your database, automating e-mails and much more.

Let's see an example of YepCode recipes

Now we are going to show you how to work with one of our YepCode recipes. For that reason, we are going to use a recipe to create a process that performs a movement of information between MySQL and ClickHouse in a very short time.

The steps to make a recipe work are very simple:

  1. Search 🔎 for the one you are most interested in
  2. Clone 🖨 it on your team by clicking on 'Clone to YepCode'
  3. Create the necessary 🔐 credentials
  4. Adapt the source code 🧑‍💻 to meet your exact needs
  5. Run the process 🚀, schedule it 🕙 or start executions using webhooks!

In short, we have just taught you the best way to start using YepCode recipes. However, to get familiar with its use, we recommend that you do the following steps by yourself, so here is a video showing how the complete example was made. Don't miss it.

Enjoy it and... happy coding! 😉

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