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Wave scraped Zyte data to Airtable in minutes

In this article, we are going to show you how we can make use of YepCode Recipes to automate the movement of information from Zyte to any of the other systems we support in YepCode.

Using the Zyte API, we can retrieve information from the scraped data and transfer it to any number of systems such as databases, MQ queues, Google Spreadsheets or an Airtable, for example.

To depict this process, we chose a specific case involving the use of Airtable.

But first, let’s address what Zyte is

Zyte is a scraping service specializing in web data extraction. It focuses on removing complex technical barriers with little or no coding, enabling thousands of organizations to access valuable data that helps them make smarter business decisions, secure their competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth.

The flow of our process will be to scrape data from a book store catalog using one Zyte account and store the results in Airtable.

You can see the full details of this process in the next video, from cloning on of our YepCode Recipes to a fully functional process in YepCode:

With YepCode recipes, we can move information between Zyte and many other systems in a very short time.

All within our serverless environment.

Happy coding!

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