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Employee onboarding flow automation to save time and avoid mistakes

When you hire new employees, it is not an easy task to have a successful onboarding process. There is a lot of paperwork to do and, depending on the company, it may be necessary to register them in multiple systems (email, ERP, PM System, database, etc).

In fact, if your company is not big enough to have its own human resources department. You will need to dedicate valuable time from other team members to accomplish these tasks.

Let's look at an example of a technology company that was able to succeed, save time and minimize human error by automating this employee onboarding process.

Automating the employee onboarding flow of a tech-company

Trileuco Solutions is the software development company behind YepCode.

They were born in 2010. Today they have a team of developers passionate about technology who have a wide range of skills in the most popular programming languages, including Java, C++, Python, PHP, and JavaScript.Among their services, they offer mobile and web application development, as well as custom development, design and consulting.

They focus on delivering high-quality products and developing custom software solutions to meet their customer's business needs.

How can the automation of the employee onboarding flow help you?

Currently, they have over 30 employees. Although their rotation ratio is not quite high, each new employee onboarding is quite time-consuming, creating accounts over several systems and services.

In the same way, every time they have an offboarding, they must remove that user account from many systems, making sure that person has no longer access to their systems.

Their legacy approach to solving this was to have the documentation properly updated in a Notion document. However, that was causing their IT and HR teams to perform manual tasks on whatever services users should have access to. This could also cause some human error which they should try to avoid.

With the irruption of YepCode, they decided that a great use case could be to automate this onboarding flow. To do so, they had to create a process that would accept the new employee's information (name, email, services and roles), and perform the necessary changes in each related service to create and configure that user account.

In the same way, they could automatethe offboarding flow. Simply by requesting the user's email, and removing the necessary information from each system.

But is it always necessary to automate this onboarding process? Let's go through our process.

Some of the systems involved in this case were Keycloak (which is their identity provider. But any other solution like Ldap, Okta or Auth0 could be easily used with their integrations). They have a git repository (they use BitBucket, but other services like GitHub or Gitlab could be integrated). Mattermost (is their IM). They use Redmine as their project management tool. They have one internal app for absences management. And finally, they have all the Kubernetes cluster-related services (Prometheus, Kibana,...).

Now we can streamline the onboarding process of our new employees, achieving a better landing experience at Trileuco. -César Suárez (Head of People)

So far, they have already integrated most of their services with their identity provider. So that, the signup in that service simplifies the user creation. However, with the others, it is required a fine-grained configuration that they have done with each service API or directly with changes in the needed databases.

After this process implementation, the HR team only has to ask supervisors what roles each new employee should have. Then, they can configure it with the input parameters form in the onboarding execution.

For the offboarding process, the only parameter required is the e-mail. After the execution, all the user accounts are disabled in less than a minute.

And this is how YepCode can help companies in their daily work by automating any task that may slow them down.

Remember to visit our Docs platform where you can find every single detail to make the most out of YepCode.

Happy coding! 🧑‍💻

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