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Welcome to YepCode, the integration and automation tool designed for developers who love working with source code.

While no-code tools have their merits, YepCode offers a compelling alternative for developers who prefer writing code over dealing with extensive drag-and-drop interfaces and complex execution graphs. It caters to those requiring advanced features like streaming information, reusable program logic, and transactional support.

This documentation platform is a work in progress, and we value your feedback as we continue to improve.

How does it work?

YepCode allows you to create processes by implementing logic through source code, supporting two programming languages:

  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Python Python

The platform provides a plethora of components and features to efficiently solve real problems. With both an IDE and an execution environment, YepCode enables automation of any software task and integration with various software services.

Once your YepCode process is implemented, you can run it manually, configure scheduled executions, trigger it using Webhooks, or even embed the form on any external webpage.

How do I get started?

Simply create an account and follow the onboarding tour integrated into the platform.

What are the costs?

Our pricing model is based on a virtual coin called Yep. The free plan allows you to start using the tool with a limited amount of Yeps and some feature restrictions.