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Why was YepCode created?

Find out the history of YepCode and why we are going against the NoCode stream.

In this article, we are going to explain to you the reason why we created YepCode. Are you ready? Well, if you've made it this far, Zapier, IFTTT, or Tray are probably familiar to you. Don't get us wrong. They are excellent NoCode automation tools. But they are just that, tools for the layman. Very nice and easy to use, but with limitations.

We have no doubt that, if you know how to use code, you can be much more productive and go one step further in your daily work.

Our team is made of software craftsmen and YepCode is the result of our passion for writing source code. We believe that this does not have to go against the aim of being agile and getting our tasks done in a short time.

That is why YepCode is our manifest. Yep (Yes) + Code. We say yes to the code and we defend everything it represents: craftsmanship, pampering, versatility, scalability, potential, quality. 

You know what it means, but ... how did YepCode come about?

We think that the idea of automating tasks by writing scripts that would replace many manual workflows and interventions that were documented in a wiki, is a huge win in any company. This allows to drastically reduce human errors, being able to schedule and monitor tasks instead of having one user with access to the systems infrastructure doing the changes.

We are big fans of solving problems with tools like Zapier, n8n or even Amazon Lambda, but we don't like some of the limits that each one has. With the full NoCode tools, we may end in a mess when the problem to solve grows, and the technical requirements are more complex. The Amazon Lambda, doesn't have this problem but it's very tied to Amazon services infrastructure.

So we decided to leave the developer all the flexibility to create processes, and We chose one of our favourite programming languages (JavaScript) as base for this new platform.

This allowed us to achieve integrations without the need to look for the best package. Without having to worry about where to store the credentials and being able to monitor each execution. And we created all this within a robust multitenant solution that any client could use.

And all this, really of what use can it be?

We really think that a platform that helps you solve the slow workflow that occurs when starting a project from scratch, with source code repositories, environments, deployments, compilations, etc, is a very useful tool. YepCode can help you to solve many kinds of problems in a very effective way.

Tasks like streaming information from a MongoDb database, merging it with more information retrieved from a GraphQL service, publishing each merged record to an MQ queue and creating a PDF file that is then sent via email, are the daily work of YepCode.

We designed YepCode to help connect entire software applications together. Moving information between them, processing flows, chaining events, performing periodic tasks and reporting.

Without a doubt, a great tool for code lovers.

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