MySQL to ClickHouse migration tool

  • Provide MySQL connection information​
  • Provide ClickHouse connection information​
  • Choose to copy a full table or the result of one SQL sentence​
  • Configure ClickHouse destination table name and engine​
  • The information is available on your ClickHouse instance!​
  • Your credentials are totally secure.
    We don't store anything during the whole migration.
  • The servers must be accesible for our servers.
    Check network access options in YepCode docs.
  • If you are copying more than 500.000 rows, the migration will be asynchronous and you'll receive an email on finish.

How this app has been built?​

This tool is a sample of what you can build in an agile way using YepCode, a Saas integration and automatization platform for developers.We have created this app in less than 4 hours to migrate data from MySQL to ClickHouse.

Do you want to build in a similar tool for your full company needs (scheduled executions, incremental loads,...)? Are you interested in use other services or Saas integrations?

Leave us your contact and let's talk!​