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YepCode allows to use external services through integrations. We are adding more and more integrations, allowing to read and publish information from and to databases, APIs, Saas, Storage Systems,...

Integration relies on open-source packages that depending on the programming language of your process, can be found at:

  • JavaScript We use the npm, the package manager for JavaScript.
  • Python We use the pip, the package installer for Python.

Using this approach, YepCode allows you to use most of the code these packages include into the YepCode editor.

We provide a initialization system for integrations in order to use the credentials system. This allows to don't include any sensitive information into the source code editor and also, will be very usefull to manage different environments for the same service (ie: develop one process against the staging environment and then schedule it against production), or to share a connection information in several processes.

When we add a new integration, we also include sample snippets in our editor. This tryies to help to take the most of them without the need to navigate outside YepCode and look how some operation should be done. All these snippets are also documented in each integration YepCode docs page.

These are the integrations we currently support, but stay tunned as we are adding more every day. If you miss something or are interested in use other service, please let us know.