Automate, Integrate, Launch: Startup Program

Streamline your workflows and accelerate your growth. Get all the benefits of YepCode in a more cost-effective way.

YepCode Startup Program to help early stage companies boost their Growth in a more cost-effective way

Feeling the Startup Squeeze? We Hear You!

Building a startup is an amazing adventure, but let's be honest, it can also feel like you’re constantly juggling a million things. Tight budgets, limited resources and the pressure to launch your product yesterday, it's enough to make any founder's head spin.

That's where YepCode comes in as your secret weapon!

We help early-stage startups like yours overcome these challenges and revolutionize your development journey. Here's how:

  • Automate the busy work: Stop wasting valuable developer time on repetitive tasks. With YepCode, you can automate all the manual workflows that slow you down and free your team to focus on what really matters: building innovative features.
  • Integration headaches? Gone! No more struggling with complex integrations between your different tools. YepCode seamlessly connects all your services and databases, so you can spend less time configuring and more time creating.
  • Developer productivity on autopilot: Boost your team's efficiency with YepCode's powerful automation tools. Watch your developers become productivity ninjas, building features faster than ever before.
Developers from Startups working with YepCode lowcode automation and integration tool

The result?

Faster time to market

Our tools and resources are designed to speed up every stage of your product journey, removing bottlenecks, giving you a competitive edge and accelerating your revenue generation.

Reduced development costs

Our tailored pricing for early-stage startups ensures that you'll maximize your budget, optimize your team's productivity and still deliver high-quality results.

A happier, more productive team

We know that your team is your greatest asset. That's why we foster a culture of productivity, positivity and collaboration that encourages your team members to do their best, stay engaged and work together.

Ready to boost your Startup?

Joining our Startup Program is super easy. In just a few simple steps, you can apply for our special rates and benefit from powerful integration and automation tools:

Quick application
No lengthy forms or complicated paperwork here. Simply fill out a quick application telling us a bit about your amazing startup.
Instant approval (Usually)
Once you submit your application, our friendly team will review it quickly. In most cases, you'll receive an approval decision within 24 hours, so you can start automating your workflows in no time!
Choose your perfect plan
You get access to a specially designed pricing plan tailored to the needs of early-stage startups. We offer different tiers with varying feature sets, so you can choose the plan that best fits your team's size and requirements.
Welcome to the Family!
Once approved, you'll have access to our onboarding resources, helpful tutorials and dedicated support from our team. We're here to make sure you get the most out of YepCode and experience a smooth transition to our integration & automation platform.

Eligibility Criteria

We're here to support startups in their early growth phase. To be eligible, your company should ideally be:

Less than 2 years old

Have received less than $200,000 in funding

Have a team of 5 employees or fewer

Not a current YepCode customer

They already trust us

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