Be aware of how your team is solving everyday tasks

All-in-one platform to centrally manage your scripts, SQL sentences and passwords  in a secure and agile way. Enabling IT managers to have an overview and greater control of what is going on in development teams allowing to get world-class results.

The problem

Highly useful scripts are not fully used

Development teams build scripts, SQL queries and small programs that run only on their workstations to put out company daily fires.

In the long run it creates a lack of control because you don't know who developed it, when it was executed or how it is evolving.

This may also cause security risk having passwords and credentials spread along developer workstations.

The solution

Why not use a corporate solution for this small apps?

It would be more productive to migrate all those scripts and SQL to a single development and execution platform under corporate oversight.

YepCode is the all-in-one platform to bring together these small pieces of software providing both the development and execution environment, in a serverless approach.

No more workstations working overnight with critical processes.


Gain more control over the process

Find out more about who writes and executes the scripts

Know what passwords and credentials are being used

Share solutions with other team members

Be able to audit any code change

More features

Keep all their scripts securely stored and accessible

No vendor lock-in building solutions with source code

Valuable hyper-vitaminized features:

Audit, scheduling, webhooks, logs, teams, CLI

Streamline any future development with our Recipes

We provide you support with a free demo

We also help you migrate the initial scripts in a pair programming approach.

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