What is YepCode?

YepCode is a SaaS platform that allows to create, execute and monitor integrations and automations using source code in a serverless environment.

What are the benefits of YepCode over NoCode tools like Zapier or Integromat?

A one-sentence pitch for YepCode could be "The Zapier for developers 🤓".

Have you ever tried to create a loop in any of these NoCode tools? Or process a query result set with thousands of records? Or merge information from a streamed result set from Snowflake with a GraphQl service?

Those kinds of tools are great to solve simple automations, but when you need to solve a complex problem, you'd prefer to write the source code and enjoy a serverless environment that helps you with the execution and monitoring of tasks.

Unlike other tools, YepCode has no vendor lock-in, as it allows you to save and export the generated code. This is very useful if you want to set up a new server from scratch and run the code there.

What are the benefits of YepCode over deploying an Amazon Lambda function or building a project from scratch and deploying it on Heroku?

We have created a full development and execution environment that works out of the box. Webhooks triggering, query logs, task scheduling, input params forms, versioning,...

Forget about that related tasks and focus on solving your business problems. No servers provisioning neither deployments. Just code!

How do I get started?

You only have to fill the Get started form and your account will be created with our FREE plan (no credit card required). Then you'll be able to perform a plan upgrade when you need it.

If you just want to snoop around, you may prefer to get access to our sandbox account, where some samples are implemented.

What is a process?

A YepCode process is the component in charge of implementing some business logic by executing a piece of source code. That source code must be JavaScript and is executed in a NodeJS engine.

Processes may also include an input params form and a readme file.

What is an execution?

Is the action of running one process using some of the provided methods: on demand, scheduling it or using webhooks.

What is an integration?

YepCode integrations are the components that allow using external services (databases, Saas, queues, APIs,...) from the source code. We rely on NodeJS packages to use most of the services.

Can I use my services behind a firewall from YepCode Saas?

Yes! We have created a secure tunneling system that allows you to open connections from YepCode to your internal network.

Are my credentials stored securely?

Of course! Every piece of sensitive information is fully encrypted in our database, and it can only be used where it is needed (just in the execution phase).

Do I need to know how to write code to use YepCode?

Yes 🤷‍♂️ If you (or your team) don't have coding skills, YepCode is not your tool.

The process implementation must be done by writing the source code and using the integrations and libraries provided.

What are the execution limits (time, memory & logs)?

Each execution has the following limits depending on the team plan:

Pricing PlanMax. MemoryMax. logs sizeMax. execution time
DEVELOPER64Mb10Mb5 minutes
STARTER128Mb10Mb10 minutes
GROWTH512Mb10Mb3 hours

How can I integrate YepCode with other apps?

YepCode can send and receive information from several services using integrations.

If you need to start executions from external services, webhooks may help you. Just configure the endpoint and send the parameters for the execution in the request body. This will allow you to use YepCode as one piece inside your systems infrastructure.

Is it possible to reuse code between processes?

Yes! We love clean code, so we have created the JS Modules feature to share code between your processes and follow the DRY pattern.

Where can I find some samples to get started?

In our sandbox account you can find several sample processes that use almost all the features that YepCode supports.

Also, in our blog, we publish case studies to show the full power of YepCode.

In both cases, you can use the import / export feature to copy the processes to your own YepCode account.

Is it possible to use a language other than JavaScript?

Right now we only support JavaScript as a language for process implementations. Every integration and library is also based on NodeJS packages.

YepCode is designed to support other languages in the future, and Python is the first one on our roadmap.

I need to use a new service not yet supported, can you create an integration for it?

We pay close attention to feedback from users, so if you need some integration or features that are not yet implemented, please contact us.

Is it possible to share a YepCode account for a multi-member development team?

YepCode teams are designed to be used by several developers, so feel free to invite your colleagues to work together.

Is it possible to export all my team processes implementation?

Both GROWTH and ENTERPRISE plans offer the possibility to ask for a whole team export. The result would be a NodeJS project fully functional including all processes, libraries and credentials configured.

Does YepCode have Lock-in?

No. YepCode allows you to save and export your generated code, so if at any time you prefer to configure a new server from scratch and execute the code there, you can do so.

We are sure of the value that YepCode can bring to our users in their daily work and we don't want to limit them.