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Plans and limits

YepCode is offered in several pricing plans that scale with your needs.

We offer a generous free tier, so anyone could start to use the platform at no cost. This is the best option for developers that want to try out the platform in a solo approach.

When any user need more executions, more execution time, or want to enjoy the collaboration features working in a team of several members, an upgrade to a higher plan could be done.

Take into account that YepCode is a enterprise-ready platform, and if one client needs to use the platform without exceeding any of the existing limits, we can talk and provide an ENTERPRISE plan version personalized to that company needs.

What are Yeps?

In the YepCode Universe, the concept of Yep represent one process execution.

Each time you run a process in any of the approaches (on demand, using a webhook or with an schedule approach), one Yep is consumed.

Each plan includes an amount of Yeps to be used each month, and at the end of the month, the consumed counter is reset.

In paid plans, if you exceed the amount of included Yeps, you could keep using your account, and each additional Yep will be billed in a pay as you go approach.

Review our pricing page to check each plan amount of Yeps and also the price of each additional Yep in paid plans.

On premise deployments

You may check our on-premise docs page to know more about how YepCode may be used in your system infrastructure.

On-premise versions are only available on GROWTH and ENTERPRISE plans:

In the following sections the GROWTH plan limits are different if the YepCode cloud is used or if client has a executors on-premise installation.

Daily limits

These limits are reset every night at 00:00 CET, and include two conditions:

PlanMax Yeps by dayMax execution time by day
DEVELOPER30030 minutes
BASIC1000120 minutes

Max time by execution

Each plan has a limited execution time. If some execution reaches that limit, it will be killed by the system.

PlanMax time by execution
DEVELOPER30 seconds
BASIC2 minutes
STARTER5 minutes
GROWTH - YepCode Cloud10 minutes
GROWTH - Executors on-premiseTBD

Remember that if you need to skip these limits, we may offer a custom ENTERPRISE plan, and you could be creating services that will be executing as long as you need.

Max team members

One of the main benefits of YepCode are the collaboration features, allowing several developers to share one common workspace of processes and executions, everything with an interesting audit module that allows to see that information.

DEVELOPER plan has a solo approach, but paid plans allow to enjoy that collaboration features.

PlanMax team members
BASIC3 members
STARTER10 members

Max concurrent executions

The platform restricts the amount of concurrent executions that a team may run.

For example in the STARTER plan, if you already have three active executions, and a fourth one is started, it will be discarded.

PlanMax concurrent executions
GROWTH - YepCode Cloud5
GROWTH - Executors on-premiseTBD

Execution result max size

Each execution may have it's own result object. This result will be stored, and will be also be returned to webhooks invocations.

Each log has a max size and a max amount of lines, and if the process execution output exceeds that limits, no more log entries will be saved.

PlanMax result size

Executions history

The execution logs and result will be available for certain amount of time. After that, all the related execution will be removed.

PlanExectutions history
BASIC7 days
GROWTH30 days

YepCode Forms

The platform restricts the amount of YepCode Forms you can enable for your processes at one time.

Forms in DEVELOPER and STARTER plans also include one YepCode branding asset that shouldn't be hidden in the webpages where form in embebed.

PlanAllowed YepCode FormsYepCode Branding
DEVELOPER1Powered by YepCode
BASIC10Powered by YepCode

Executions log max lines & size

Each execution may have it's own log that will be available during the execution history period.

Each log has a max size and a max amount of lines, and if the process execution output exceeds that limits, no more log entries will be saved.

PlanExectutions log max sizeExectutions log max lines

Audit events history

The audit module keeps track of everything that is happening on the team (executions, code changes, credentials, webhook invocations...).

PlanAudit events history
GROWTH3 months

Command line interface

You may check our command line interface docs page to know more about how YepCode may be used from local workstations.

The CLI is only available on paid plans.


You may check our datastore docs page to know more about how to use this simple, fast, and powerful key-value storage system.

The Datastore is only available on paid plans with the following limits:

PlanMax. entriesMax. entry size
STARTER25255 bytes
GROWTH - YepCode Cloud10001Kb
GROWTH - Executors on-premiseTBDTBD

Identity brokering

If your company wants to use an external identity provider, we may offert that using OpenId or SAML protocols.

These kind of integrations are only available on GROWTH or ENTERPRISE plans.

Users federation

Another option regarding to authetication is to provide users federation with LDAP or Active Directory.

This will be only available on ENTERPRISE plans.