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Import and Export

YepCode allows you to import and export processes using JSON format. This is very advantageous since it allows you to share quickly and make local backups of any processes you want.

[Sample] Find SpaceX launches.json
"id": "0f32e404-d02a-4db7-83a1-603a1900622f",
"name": "[Sample] Find SpaceX launches",
"description": "This process retrieves SpaceX launches information showing them on a textual way.",
"readme": null,
"script": {
"sourceCode": "const { context: { parameters } } = yepcode\nconst { DateTime } = require(\"luxon\");\n\nconst spacexClient = yepcode.integration.graphql('spacex-api')\n\nspacexClient.request(\n `\n query launchesPast($limit: Int) {\n launchesPast(limit: $limit) {\n mission_name\n launch_date_utc\n launch_site {\n site_name_long\n }\n links {\n video_link\n wikipedia\n }\n rocket {\n rocket_name\n rocket_type\n }\n launch_year\n launch_success\n }\n }\n `,\n { limit: parameters.limit }\n )\n .then((data) => {\n data.launchesPast.forEach((launch => {\n console.log(\"Mission \" + launch.mission_name + \" used a \" + launch.rocket.rocket_name + \" rocket, and took place on \" + DateTime.fromISO(launch.launch_date_utc).toRFC2822() + \", being the rocket launched from \" + launch.launch_site.site_name_long + \". \" + (launch.links.video_link ? \"You can see a video on \" + launch.links.video_link + \". \": \"\") + (launch.links.wikipedia ? \"Wikipedia page is available at \" + launch.links.wikipedia + \".\" : \"\"));\n }))\n })\n .catch((error) => {\n console.error(JSON.stringify(error, undefined, 2));\n throw error;\n });\n",
"parametersSchema": "{\"$schema\":\"\",\"type\":\"object\",\"title\":\"SpaceX launches process\",\"required\":[\"limit\"],\"properties\":{\"limit\":{\"type\":\"number\",\"description\":\"How many launches do you want to retrieve?\"}}}"

You can import from processes page by clicking on the cloud upload icon.

You can export from the process or processes pages by clicking Export as file in the three dots menu.