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YepCode Datastore

YepCode Datastore is a simple, fast, and powerful key-value storage system available to be used from processes source code.

You may store and retrieve data in your processes and modules, sharing information between different executions.

It opens a lot of new possibilities:

  • Store processes state between executions (ie: if you implement some ETL, keep the last loaded date to be used on the next execution)
  • Manage sessions (ie: only perform login if your session has expired)
  • Keep a team global state (ie: keep counters, execution usage,...)
  • ... anything you can think of.

Claim your access

YepCode Datastore is enabled out of the box in our paid plans.

But if you want to try it out we have good news: claim your access using this form:


Datastore values are managed using the following YepCode commands:

Storing data

await yepcode.datastore.set("key", "value");

Retrieving data

const value = await yepcode.datastore.get("key");

Deleting data

await yepcode.datastore.del("key");