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YepCode Datastore

YepCode Datastore is a robust key-value storage system that is both simple and fast. It's designed to empower your processes through accessible source code integration.

With YepCode Datastore, you can store and retrieve data within your processes and modules, facilitating information sharing across different executions. Unlock a myriad of possibilities, including:

  • Preserving process states between executions (e.g., maintaining the last loaded date for use in subsequent executions of an ETL process).
  • Efficient session management (e.g., performing a login only if your session has expired).
  • Maintaining a shared team global state (e.g., tracking counters, execution usage, and more).

Claim Your Access

Access to YepCode Datastore is exclusive to our paid plans. If you're interested in trying it out, simply reach out to us.


Manipulating Datastore values is accomplished through the following YepCode commands:

Storing Data

await yepcode.datastore.set("key", "value");

Retrieving data

const value = await yepcode.datastore.get("key");

Deleting data

await yepcode.datastore.del("key");