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AI code generation assistant


The YepCode AI code generation assistant helps you generate JavaScript or Python to use in your processes. It may also help to write the input parameters form schema.

You just need to describe what you'd like to do, and AI will generate the code for you.

Here you have a full demo video showing how YepCode AI code generation assistant works:

Setup the AI code assistant engine

In order to use this module, you need to provide the API Keys for the supported LLM supported. Right now, only OpenAI is supported, but we'll be adding more engines in the near future.

To configure this engine, you just need to go the Settings tab, and press the Configure AI Engine button:

After doing that, you'll see a new button in both source code. and input parameters editor.


When writting prompts:

  • Use natural language in your prompt
  • Avoid ambiguity
  • Be clear and concise
  • Provide the information that you think AI may not guess

Parameters schema AI assistant

AI assistant can understand and generate the JSON schema form specs to fit the needs of your information you want to ask for start executions.


Some prompt samples:

  • A form to ask for information during the registration of one tech event
  • A customer feedback survey form for a SaaS
  • A mortage application form
  • A job application form
  • A form asking for participant information in one ciclying race

It keeps tracks of your previous requests, so you may ask for changes over the previous generated form, for example:

  • Change the file input fields to not be required
  • Join the firstName and lastName fields into on fullName fields
  • Remove the URI validation in the website fields
  • ...

Source code AI assistant

The source code AI assistant may generate source code to be used in the editor, or may generate some other content that could help you to build the full solution (database DDL queries, sample texts, mail templates,...).

AI assistant will have access the full source code snippet, but you may provide some additional context if you think it may help just using the additional information option (providing both a title and a content).

If you select some code, the AI assistant will provide only the needed code to replace the selected one, so you may perform changes.


Some prompt samples:

  • A function to check if a number is prime
  • Replace the selected MySQL sentence to insert information in the provided table
  • Validate that user has at least 18 years old
  • Convert to camelcase all the object attribute keys
  • ...