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Using team variables

YepCode team variables allow to define key value pairs to be used from processes source code. You may use them to store configuration parameters used in several processes, or to save password or api keys (using the secured flag).

Take into account that we also have credentials, that allow to configure our out of the box integrations, but with team variables you have more flexibility to store your configuration or to create new custom integrations not yet supported by YepCode.

Once you click on the New icon, you can provide the variable name and value, and check if is secured.

The way to use these team variables from processes source code is with the following syntax:

const apiKey = yepcode.env.KRAKEN_API_KEY;

After that, apiKey will contain the value defined on the team variable (no matter if it was mark as secured or not), so take care to do not log it or send from the code.