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Process Versioning

YepCode allows you to manage different versions of your processes and modules.

Manage versions

You can publish a version from the process pages by clicking Publish version in the three dots menu.

This action will display a form where you should write a tag for the new process version and a comment for the version if desired.

Once you create the version, you can view its code by changing to it in the version selector. It's important to note that you cannot edit the code of a published version. To continue editing your process, simply return to the current version using the selector and continue coding!

Having a version published, you can select that version source code to be used when you start any process execution.

Run now with version

During one on-demand execution, you can select the version source code be used:

Scheduled execution with version

For scheduled executions, you can also select the version source code be used:

Webhook execution with version

For webhook executions, you should pass the Yep-Version-Tag HTTP Header to use one version source code:


YepCode Modules also support versions. See modules docs page to see how one version can be selected during module import.